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Partial Review Of Kim Strassel's: "The Intimidation Game" Plus Other Commentary. A Must and Chilling Read!

 Liberals who use intimidation and federal agencies
 to exploit and corrupt our freedoms. People like
the Clinton's, Obama, Soros, Sen's. Durbin and
Schumer and Rep. Cummings, Lois Lerner among
many, many others..

A very interesting article sent to me by a dear friend and fellow memo reader.  (See 1 below.)
I am still reading Kim Strassel's: "The Intimidation Game."  Kim is not only a gifted writer but she also is an excellent investigative reporter.

The IRS scandal is chilling and reveals how a powerful government agency not only threatened average citizens, depriving them of their constitutional right to protest their government but also then proceeded to lie about their dastardly actions.

I have several liberal friends who berated me about, what they called,  the Republican IRS witch hunt. I never convinced them Lois Lerner was a liar and that the entire episode went right to the top and had the thumb print of Obama along with his thugs in the White House who were engaged up to their arm pits. Kim lays out what happened in detail and with clarity. And hopefully the full story will eventually unfold as it continues to wind through the courts etc..

Obama also lied about what was going on at the IRS when he said there was not a "smidgen" of evidence. Obama has insured that some of the most critical agencies and departments have been corrupted and are purposely acting in ways that circumvent the Constitution as well as their statutory and moral responsibilities.  We know the Justice Department is corrupt, We know the IRS is corrupt, we know the FBI's Director was leaned upon to bend the way Obama , the Clinton's and Atty. Gen.Lynch wanted. We know the EPA has acted in ways beyond their authority and now The State Department is actively engaged in protecting Hillary. Lamentably,  I have only scratched the surface of how corrupt our government has become and many of those in Congress are no better. Rather than assist in pursuing truth they engage in partisan cover ups to protect their party against legitimate interests of our nation and its citizens.

Once it became evident the IRS was engaged in illegal activities Obama, Senators Schumer and Durbin and Rep. Cummings, along with  Commissioner Koskinen began orchestrating and co-ordinating their efforts to accuse Republicans of engaging in despicable  pre-election  activities.  The lengths to which elected public servants, along with a host of other bureaucrats,  proceeded to throw sand into the pursuit of truth is both amazing and, frankly, scary.  Kim reveals how the intimidating weight of our government was brought to bear upon every day citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

Long after Obama is out of office the revelations of how he implemented Alinsky (See 2 and 2a below.) and Ayer's playbook will eventually come to light. The effort to stonewall the IRS investigation, by slow walking the submission of documents ordered by Federal Judges, the destruction of e mails, the downright evasions and/or lying by witnesses and officials, and the inability of Congress to overcome these efforts, is beyond description. The Democrats were effective because the public's interest, in such investigations, is exceedingly short, concerted efforts to claim it was all partisan can be effective and sadly,  Congress lacks the power to enforce even though they can subpoena witnesses and the production of documents.

Why? Because when an agency and corrupt bureaucrats, Senators and Representatives want to be evasive they have the ability if they have the intent and guts.  The one organization that seemingly can pierce the veil of obstruction is Judicial Watch because of the Freedom of Information Act and their tenacity and zeal. There are other groups and lawyers like,  Jay Sekulow of The American Center for Law and Justice, who are activists in protecting citizen rights among others.

What is going on, and has been, regarding Hillary's e mails is following the IRS script.  We are witnessing the destruction of documents, interference by Hillary's husband, slow walking of demanded documents, lying and, because it pertains to the election of a president, you can be assured the stonewalling will be higher than any structure Trump has threatened to build should he be elected.

The IRS is simply one of the most powerful agencies in our nation but the Oval Office sits atop the IRS so if you think things will not get ugly, corrupt and dangerous you are simply naive, blind or beyond partisan. Obama has his legacy to protect and, being one of the most corrupt presidents in recent history, rest assured he will stop at nothing to see that Hillary wins and we know the Clinton's are his equal when it comes to being corrupt, willing to lie and do whatever it takes to retain power.

Let's face it, government will never correct itself, only active citizens will undertake this task.  This is why intimidating citizens is so dangerous.

In subsequent chapters we learn the IRS is not the only government agency seeking to curtail our freedom of speech.  Kim discusses similar efforts on the part of the very liberal minded staff of the Federal Election Commission and the efforts of one of the commissioners, Don McGhan, to curb their illegal actions beyond the scope of their statutory authority. (Chapter 12: "Waiting for Disco.")

Then in Chapter 13: (Government Shutdown) Kim discusses how Obama , working through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC,) sought to manipulate the terminology and thrust of The Disclose Act (which has not passed) in order to force revealing names of donors to conservative organizations with the intent of intimidation.

Though I am only half way through"The Intimidation Game," several of my previous convictions have been re-validated. First, the federal government employs some 3 million bureaucrats and they are predominantly left leaning. Second, the power of these bureaucrats is awesome because they generally cannot be fired. Third, Congress' ability to monitor the activity of our enormous government bureaucracy is virtually impossible and even when it does its ability to compel law breakers and system abusers to change is extremely difficult - witness the ongoing IRS investigation. Fourth, and most important, liberals and Democrats work hard at manipulating our agencies and bending them to act in unintended ways.  Democrats are very pro-active while Republicans generally do not think about getting agencies to corrupt their activities.  The Tea Party members sought to obey the law, to fill out the forms and thus were trapped by IRS intimidation.  Conservatives believe laws are to be obeyed and liberals believe they are to be changed and always improved according to their philosophical dictates etc. Finally, one of the ways liberals and Democrats seek to accomplish their goals is by giving innocuous and benign names to legislation, ie. "The Coalition for Accountability in Public Spending."  This benign sounding legislation proposed by then public advocate and now New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, was an attempt to force companies to disclose their political spending.  After all, who could possibly be opposed to a bill that is designed to protect our rights, our safety  when, in fact, the language and thrust (the devil is always in the details) is the reverse of the legislation's title.

I also should mention that Lois Lerner worked at the FEC before going to The IRS. Bureaucrats never seem to leave government they simply transfer to other departments so their ability to spread their infectious behavior can expand.

What Kim's book reinforces is the fact that politicians seek power and work through the bureaucracy to accomplish their nefarious goals.  Liberals, in my view, are more dangerous, are more likely to stop at nothing when it comes to employing intimidation and government is to be feared, not trusted. Though liberals profess their desire for power is always to accomplish what is best for our nation and its citizens, sadly the truth , once you dig below the surface of their disingenuous pronouncements, all to often, are the reverse.

Tom Fitton, of Judicial Watch, is one of the most dedicated and important persons in D.C. Why? Because of the FOIA, he is in a position to do more to protect this Republic and insure our survival as long as he and his organization are willing to pursue facts and bring the power of the Federal Judiciary to bear upon those who act outside the scriptures of the law and the intent of our Constitution such as Hillary and Bill Clinton, President Obama, and those who serve them and not our nation.

"The Intimidation Game" is a chilling must read. However, I doubt many liberals will spend the money, take the time or believe Kim's efforts and revelations. Therefore my distrust of government remains a belief in which I will continue to feel justified and that is the saddest story of all.
Meanwhile, as our government imperils our right to free speech, Iran is working towards our military humiliation.  They did this in the Marine Barrack attack and the one on a Navy Ship in port and now are preparing to do so again but this time at sea.

I have read articles in The Naval War College Review, attesting to the fact that Iran's fast boats are a major threat and can swarm one of our ships and create havoc.

Is Obama about to allow this to happen? Does our Navy have the freedom to respond or are their hands tied as when Johnson micromanaged the Viet Nam War?

Top Iranian admiral: US lacks the power to confront Iran militarily
Remarks come days after uptick in tensions between Washington and Tehran after US accuses Iran of harassing American warships in the Strait of Hormuz.

The United States does not have the capability to engage Iran in a war on land, air or sea, a top Iranian Navy commander charged Saturday night boasting of his nation's military prowess.

"The US doesn’t enjoy the power to confront Iran militarily," Iranian media quoted Revolutionary Guards Navy Admiral Ali Fadavi as stating. 

The remarks downplaying US power came days after an uptick in tensions between Washington and Tehran due to multiple instances of Iranian vessels encountering US warships in the Persian Gulf's Strait of Hormuz. 

Actions by Iranian vessels in several encounters with US warships in the Gulf this week are cause for concern and increase risks of miscalculation, the White House said on Friday.

However, in a speech to volunteer forces Saturday night, Fadavi claimed that Iran has confined the United States's maritime military abilities in the region, according to Iran's Fars news agency.

In his boastful rhetoric, the Revolutionary Guards admiral also asserted that Iranian patrols have deterred US warships from approaching the Islamic Republic's territorial waters for years. 

The comments came despite the easing of years of mutual animosity when Washington lifted sanctions on Tehran in January after a deal to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions but serious differences still remain over Iran's ballistic missile program, Syria and Iraq.

Nonetheless, in May Fadavi also spoke of the US presence in the region as driving insecurity. According to Fars, he called on Washington to withdraw all its troops from the area, adding that the Americans "do not dare" attack Iran out of fear that backlash could hinder its interests in the Middle East. 

"No one dares to give a dirty look at Iran let alone launching a war," he was quoted as saying.

1)This is a frightening summation of the current global Islamic threat.  Given the current global leadership philosophy of liberalism and progressive government I'm afraid that western culture and democracy has less (probably much less) that 100 years until the whole world is in a jihadist cultural war....called Armageddon. 

A pragmatic overview of what appears to be an insoluble problem affecting much of the world as we know it to day?
By Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Forget the Syrian Civil War for a moment. Even without the Sunnis and Shiites competing to give each other machete haircuts every sunny morning, there would still be a permanent Muslim refugee crisis.

The vast majority of civil wars over the last ten years have taken place in Muslim countries. Muslim countries are also some of the poorest in the world. And Muslim countries also have high birth rates.

Combine violence and poverty with a population boom and you get a permanent migration crisis.

No matter what happens in Syria or Libya next year, that permanent migration crisis isn’t going away.

The Muslim world is expanding unsustainably. In the Middle East and Asia, Muslims tend to underperform their non-Muslim neighbors both educationally and economically. Oil is the only asset that gave Muslims any advantage and in the age of fracking, its value is a lot shakier than it used to be.

The Muslim world had lost its old role as the intermediary between Asia and the West. And it has no economic function in the new world except to blackmail it by spreading violence and instability.

Muslim countries with lower literacy rates, especially for women, are never going to be economic winners at any trade that doesn’t come gushing out of the ground. Nor will unstable dictatorships ever be able to provide social mobility or access to the good life. At best they’ll hand out subsidies for bread.

The Muslim world has no prospects for getting any better. The Arab Spring was a Western delusion.

Growing populations divided along tribal and religious lines are competing for a limited amount of land, power and wealth. Countries without a future are set to double in size.

There are only two solutions; war or migration.

Either you fight and take what you want at home. Or you go abroad and take what you want there.

Let’s assume that the Iraq War had never happened. How would a religiously and ethnically divided Iraq have managed its growth from 13 million in the eighties to 30 million around the Iraq War to 76 million in 2050?

The answer is a bloody civil war followed by genocide, ethnic cleansing and migration.

What’s happening now would have happened anyway. It was already happening under Saddam Hussein.

Baghdad has one of the highest population densities in the world. And it has no future. The same is true across the region. The only real economic plan anyone here has is to get money from the West.

Plan A for getting money out of the West is creating a crisis that will force it to intervene. That can mean anything from starting a war to aiding terrorists that threaten the West. Muslim countries keep shooting themselves in the foot so that Westerners will rush over to kiss the booboo and make it better.

Plan B is to move to Europe.

What's This? 
And Plan B is a great plan. It’s the only real economic plan that works. At least until the West runs out of native and naïve Westerners who foot the bill for all the migrants, refugees and outright settlers.

For thousands of dollars, a Middle Eastern Muslim can pay to be smuggled into Europe. It’s a small investment with a big payoff. Even the lowest tier welfare benefits in Sweden are higher than the average salary in a typical Muslim migrant nation. And Muslim migrants are extremely attuned to the payoffs. It’s why they clamor to go to Germany or Sweden, not Greece or Slovakia. And it’s why they insist on big cities with an existing Muslim social welfare infrastructure, not some rural village.

A Muslim migrant is an investment for an entire extended family. Once the young men get their papers, family reunification begins. That doesn’t just mean every extended family member showing up and demanding their benefits. It also means that the family members will be selling access to Europe to anyone who can afford it. Don’t hike or raft your way to Europe. Mohammed or Ahmed will claim that you’re a family member. Or temporarily marry you so you can bring your whole extended family along.

Mohammed gets paid. So does Mo’s extended family which brokers these transactions. Human trafficking doesn’t just involve rafts. It’s about having the right family connections.

And all that is just the tip of a very big business iceberg.

Where do Muslim migrants come up with a smuggling fee that amounts to several years of salary for an average worker? Some come from wealthy families. Others are sponsored by crime networks and family groups that are out to move everything from drugs to weapons to large numbers of people into Europe.

Large loans will be repaid as the new migrants begin sending their new welfare benefits back home. Many will be officially unemployed even while unofficially making money through everything from slave labor to organized crime. European authorities will blame their failure to participate in the job market on racism rather than acknowledging that they exist within the confines of an alternate economy.

It’s not only individuals or families who can pursue Plan B. Turkey wants to join the European Union. It’s one solution for an Islamist populist economy built on piles of debt. The EU has a choice between dealing with the stream of migrants from Turkey moving to Europe. Or all of Turkey moving into Europe.

The West didn’t create this problem. Its interventions, however misguided, attempted to manage it.

Islamic violence is not a response to Western colonialism. Not only does it predate it, but as many foreign policy experts are so fond of pointing out, its greatest number of casualties are Muslims. The West did not create Muslim dysfunction. And it is not responsible for it. Instead the dysfunction of the Muslim world keeps dragging the West in. Every Western attempt to ameliorate it, from humanitarian aid to peacekeeping operations, only opens up the West to take the blame for Islamic dysfunction.

The permanent refugee crisis is a structural problem caused by the conditions of the Muslim world.

The West can’t solve the crisis at its source. Only Muslims can do that. And there are no easy answers. But the West can and should avoid being dragged down into the black hole of Muslim dysfunction.

Even Germany’s Merkel learned that the number of refugees is not a finite quantity that can be relieved with a charitable gesture. It’s the same escalating number of people that will show up if you start throwing bags of money out of an open window. And it’s a number that no country can absorb.

Muslim civil wars will continue even if the West never intervenes in them because their part of the world is fundamentally unstable. These conflicts will lead to the displacement of millions of people. But even without violence, economic opportunism alone will drive millions to the West. And those millions carry with them the dysfunction of their culture that will make them a burden and a threat.

If Muslims can’t reconcile their conflicts at home, what makes us think that they will reconcile them in Europe? Instead of resolving their problems through migration, they only export them to new shores. The same outbursts of Islamic violence, xenophobia, economic malaise and unsustainable growth follow them across seas and oceans, across continents and countries. Distance is no answer. Travel is no cure.

Solving Syria will solve nothing. The Muslim world is full of fault lines. It’s growing and it’s running out of room to grow. We can’t save Muslims from themselves. We can only save ourselves from their violence.

The permanent Muslim refugee crisis will never stop being our crisis unless we close the door.
2) There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist/communist State.  

 1.  Healthcare: "Control Healthcare and you control the People"
2  Poverty:  Increase the Poverty level as high as possible."  Poor People are easier to control and will not fight back if the government is providing everything for them to live. 
3.  Debt: Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level."  That way you are able to increase Taxes, and this will produce more Poverty. 
4.  Gun Control:  Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government.  That way you are able to create a Police State - total local control.
5.  Welfare:  Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Livestock, Housing, and Income). 

6.  Education:  Take control of what People read & listen to; take control of what Children learn in School. 
7.  Religion: Remove faith in God from the Government and Schools. ALMOST THERE!!!
8.  Class Warfare:  Divide the People into the Wealthy against the Poor.  Racially divide. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to Tax the Wealthy with full support of the voting Poor. 


Another Obama Parting Gift

His final fiscal year federal budget deficit will increase by 35%.

As President Obama ends his second term, he’s leaving plenty of political parting gifts. The latest is a 35% single-year increase in the federal budget deficit, and a rising trajectory of spending and debt as a share of the economy. Hillary Clinton’s campaign promise of more “stimulus” spending next year suddenly looks a lot more politically problematic.

That’s the story you haven’t read from the Congressional Budget Office’s latest fiscal and economic outlook released this week. For the 2016 fiscal year that ends next month, CBO now forecasts that revenues will rise by only $26 billion while outlays will increase by some $178 billion. The federal deficit will therefore rise from $438 billion to $590 billion, the biggest deficit since 2013.

The revenue shortfall reflects the decline in corporate profits and slower economic growth; the second quarter was revised down to 1.1% Friday. Meanwhile, outlays will rise 5% thanks in large part to the automatic spending drivers of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (which has soared thanks to ObamaCare). Net interest outlays will rise 11% this fiscal year despite historically low interest rates as overall debt continues to increase.

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