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Press and Print Bias. Can It Be Leveled? Brexit, A Tipping Point That Travels?

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I received this from Brent Bozell's organization and it confirms what we already know - the press and media are biased..

The critical question is what can be done about the media and print folks reducing their bias so the playing field can be flatter?

I have no answer because it involves a sea change that is educational, cultural and even moral.  I do not see liberal media and news outlets changing their spots.  I do believe more will go out of business but they will probably be replaced by technologies that are programmed to be biased as we recently witnessed regarding Facebook and Google. (See 1 below.)
Roger Simon on Brexit.

His conclusion pretty much aligns with my own.  Elitist establishment politicians misjudged the anger of their constituents who prefer protecting their borders and their right to be free over globalization's crushing blow imposed by bureaucrats who have no allegiance and act unilaterally.

Ask yourself, as many Brits did, what makes the E.U's  bureaucrats any different than those who ran World Soccer and/or the U.N.(See 2 below.)

One has to believe the potential break up of Great Britain has increased and I suspect the Scots and Irish will eventually divorce the Queen.
There is evidence surfacing a host of meetings Hillary held, while Sec. of State,  presumably with donors to their Foundation, are missing.

This is an excerpt from the report: "The AP found the omissions by comparing the 1,500-page calendar with separate planning schedules supplied to Clinton by aides in advance of each day's events. The names of at least 114 outsiders who met with Clinton were missing from her calendar, the records show.

No known federal laws were violated and some omissions could be blamed on Clinton's highly fluid schedule, which sometimes forced late cancellations. But only seven meetings in Clinton's planning schedules were replaced by substitute events on her official calendar. More than 60 other events listed in Clinton's planners were omitted entirely in her calendar, tersely noted or described only as "private meetings" — all without naming those who met with her." (See 3 below.)
Meanwhile, Netanyahu offers some thoughts on how to defeat radical Muslim terrorists:
Finally, before leaving for Tybee for the week. it is evident liberals and their press and print minions hate Trump, and even many established types, in his own alleged party, are turned off by his churlish, boastful, self-centered and impertinent manner.

However,  the Donald has been mostly perspicacious  in sensing the anger, the mood and the disgust of those who no longer believe their politicians are worthy, courageous, even honest and that they are being led in a desirable direction.

They do not like the flood of immigration that is changing the character of their societies, they do not like the giveaways that are dimming their future, the crushing burdens heaped upon the middle class, the crime that festers in their towns and cities and a whole host of other turn offs so, we are witnessing a backlash, a tipping point of volcanic proportions starting in Great Britain and likely to surface in America at election time.

If Trump embraces this momentum and conducts himself in a positive manner his chances of winning will be enhanced.  Hillary remains on the wrong side of most of these issues, offers nothing that distinguishes her from Obama's failed strategies and, worst of all, has the personality of a flat pancake that has been driven over time and again. Add to this combustible negative mixture her potential criminal behaviour and everything should be up for grabs.

Time will tell.  It is going to be an unusually heated and volatile summer.
1) Dear Richard,

Do the media know how much time they spend covering any one particular story? The Media Research Center does, and we are not afraid to tell them... especially when the bias is crystal clear.
The O'Reilly Factor and Sean Hannity referenced an MRC study on Fox this past week, and ultimately, the results are astonishing. According to our News Analysis Division
“a much higher percentage of Trump’s airtime (40 percent, or 432 minutes) was spent discussing the controversies surrounding the Republican’s candidacy. Only 18 percent of Clinton’s coverage (105 minutes) was spent discussing similar controversies, as network reporters paid scant attention to stories that would have garnered far more airtime had Trump been involved."

Last night, Sean Hannity featured presidential candidate Donald Trump and referenced the MRC study in conversation. Watch what Sean Hannity and Donald Trump had to say, here.
How is the American public able to choose a candidate this election cycle if their primary news outlets are favoring one candidate over the other? Where is the objectivity? During such a crucial election season, there is no evidence to suggest that big networks are making any attempt to relay fair, equal, or even representative coverage of candidates.

This is why the Media Research Center exists - it is imperative that we continue day in and day out to document, expose, and neutralize the liberal media before they choose our next president. Your continued support is crucial in our fight for truth and objectivity in American media, and we thank you for your loyalty.

Click here to read more about our latest study, and consider a contribution today to help the MRC continue fighting for truth and liberty in American media.
2) Brexit Vote Has Huge Ramifications for U.S. Politics

News flash: The revolt against elites is real in the UK and America and it's only getting started. Maybe there will always be an England.

In a surprise, Leave won the Brexit referendum on whether to stay in the European Union by an equally surprising amount. British sovereignty won. David Cameron lost. Jeremy Corbyn lost. The EU lost. Bureaucrats lost. Angela Merkel lost. Barack Obama lost. Globalism lost. Authority figures almost everywhere lost. And, most of all, unlimited immigration lost.
So what happened to the vaunted British betting market that is almost invariably correct and was predicting by 80 percent a Remain victory? Or all those recent polls that were tilting Remain?

Answer: Those same elites had convinced each other they would win and therefore convinced the usual suspects—media, pollsters and, sadly, financial markets—that they were right. They were wrong. Watching them now on the BBC they still cannot comprehend  what has happened. The peasants have revolted—oh no, oh no. There must be some mistake. Didn't they get the memo? The sky would fall if they left the EU.

Earth to elites: Citizens of truly democratic countries don't want unlimited immigration into their countries by people who couldn't be less interested in democracy. They also don't want to be governed by the rules and regulations of faceless bureaucrats whose not-so-hidden goals are power and riches for themselves and their friends. Simple, isn't it?

This vote is of immense help to Donald Trump if he is smart enough to seize it properly and doesn't bobble the ball. Many, probably most, Americans feel exactly the same as their brothers and sisters across the pond. They despise the same elites and want to save their country. Trump, now fortuitously in Scotland (I know—they voted Remain, but not in the numbers they were supposed to), should show his support. The  UK is America's closest ally.  We should be the first to extend a hand, negotiate free trade, etc., and get her rolling again.

That most elite of presidents, Barack Obama, who opened his morally narcissistic mouth supporting the Remain side and warning the British people, as he is wont to do, that there would be "consequences" if they voted to leave the EU, is in no position to do anything, even if he wanted to.  And he doesn't.

Hillary Clinton is so elitist she practically defines the term. She was probably up all night figuring out what to do about the situation. I have a suggestion—move to Brussels.
Meanwhile, Trump should take up the gauntlet for the U.S. and the UK now. Why wait? Act like the president—we could use one.  Donald has a natural ally in the leading Leave spokesperson conservative Boris Johnson. The two men are said to be similar and in many ways they are.

Long live the Anglosphere. Remember the Magna Carta and all that. This is a day truly to celebrate, even if stock markets are crashing around the world. They'll come back. Look on it as a buying opportunity. A bubble has broken, but it isn't a stock bubble. It's a human bubble consisting of elites who seek to govern in a manner not all that distant from Comrade Lenin, just hiding under a phony mask of bureaucratic democracy. They've taken a big body blow from the citizens of England. Churchill would be proud.  Time for America to follow suit.

But don't get cocky.  This is only one small victory—a non-blinding referendum—but make no mistake about it, still a victory after all.  Just follow the instructions of Sir Winston and "never, never give up."  Yes, I know the quote is falsely attributed, but it's good advice nevertheless.

Roger L. Simon is a prize-winning novelist, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of PJ Media.

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