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I Take Full Responsibility For My Decision To Remain A Human!

Confession from a friendly Arab neighbor who just happened to murder the Fogel family and whose mother lied through her teeth to protect her terrorist son! (See 1 below.)
Ben Shapiro calls them JINO'S and I say they are solely gastronomically connected to their religion. (See 2 below.)
Who wants the Obama Plague? - "30% of Companies Say They’ll Drop Health Coverage Because of Obamascare
Business, Economics, Health Care, Law

Once provisions of the Affordable Care Act start to kick in during 2014, at least three of every 10 employers will probably stop offering health coverage, a survey released Monday shows.

While only 7% of employees will be forced to switch to subsidized-exchange programs, at least 30% of companies say they will “definitely or probably” stop offering employer-sponsored coverage, according to the study published in McKinsey Quarterly.

The survey of 1,300 employers says those who are keenly aware of the health-reform measure probably are more likely to consider an alternative to employer-sponsored plans, with 50% to 60% in this group expected to make a change. It also found that for some, it makes more sense to switch.

“At least 30% of employers would gain economically from dropping coverage, even if they completely compensated employees for the change through other benefit offerings or higher salaries,” the study says.

It goes on to add: “Contrary to what employers assume, more than 85% of employees would remain at their jobs even if their employers stopped offering [employer-sponsored insurance], although about 60% would expect increased compensation.”

A number of competitors will emerge in the insurance market once reform provisions start to take effect, according to the McKinsey Quarterly study. These firms will be needed to provide a transition for those moving from employer-sponsored insurance to other coverage options."

This Republican, asks our 'murky messiah' for transparency re 'Obamascare' waivers! (See 3 below.)
Q3, only a matter of time? (See 3 below.)
As a consequence of the Weiner matter I have received a significant number of requests from known and unknown women to engage in a comparable display.

After giving this matter serious thought and after a full discussion with my wife, of almost 40 years, I have chosen not to accede to this lustful stampede of lecherous females gone wild.

My reasons for rejecting their passonate pleas are as follows:

a) I am not a politician.

b) It might harm any electable chance I would have should I so choose to go 'pubic' and become one.

c) Such an act on my part would not curb Obama's wild spending habits, would not improve the education of our youth, nor help The State of Israel.

I realize this decision may offend some and disappoint others and "I Take Full Responsibility For It!" Having said that, I intend to continue to remain a member of the human race - such as it is.
1) Subject: Terrorist who murdered Fogel family proves his mother lied to press

How many times has the following scene been repeated?

In Awarta, Hakim Awad's mother, Nouf Awad, told AFP it was "impossible" that
her son had committed the murder.

"It wasn't my son who did it," she said. "It is impossible that it's him, he
was with me the whole night that the incident happened."http://www.tipnews.info/international/NTAyNjk=/2011/03/26/israel_palestinians_conflict

He now has confessed to the crime.

Will reporters go back to his mother - and the rest of the villagers who
swore to the media that no one from the village had anything to do with the

More important: the next time you see a terrorist's mother swearing on TV
that her son didn't do anything remember Hakim Awad's mother.

And the next time you read the "testimony" of someone to one of the "human
rights" NGO's against Israel, taken at face value by the NGO as the
unvarnished truth, remember Hakim Awad's mother.]

Palestinian youths charged with slaughter of Fogel family
By YAAKOV LAPPIN The Jerusalem Post 06/05/2011 18:59

"I'm proud of what I did...I did it all for Palestine," one of the suspects
says during an appearance in court, "I would do it again."

Two Palestinian youths from the West Bank village of Awarta, arrested in
April on suspicion of murdering five members of the Fogel family in Itamar,
were charged with five counts of homicide at a military court on Sunday.

The defendants, 17-year-old Hakim Awad and 18-year-old Amjad Awad, who are
from the same clan, have confessed to stabbing and shooting two young
brothers, their parents, and a three-month-old baby in the attack.

"I don't regret what I did, and would do it again," Amjad Awad told
reporters in court. "I'm proud of what I did and I'll accept any punishment
I get, even death, because I did it all for Palestine," he added.

The charge sheet detailed how the two saw two young brothers sleeping in
their beds, 4-year-old Elad and 11-year-old Yoav, snuck into the home, and
stabbed them both to death.

They then entered the parents' bedroom, where they launched a knife attack
on Ehud and Ruth Fogel. The parents fought back, attempting to fend off the
attackers. Ehud died of stab wounds and Ruth was shot dead by the attackers
with a stolen M-16 gun.

The two then left the house, before hearing cries from three-month-old baby
Hadas. Awoken by the attack, the baby lay in its crib in the parents'

"They went back into the house and stabbed the baby to death to silence her
cries," a security source said following the arrests in April.
2)Jews in Name ONLY
By Ben Shapir

In 2008, Obama grabbed 78 percent of the Jewish vote. Even the most wildly optimistic polling today shows that Obama's support remains high among Jews. It's a result that Republicans simply can't understand -- why do so many Jews continue to support a president who has shown time and again that he stands against the State of Israel? Why the reflexive lever-pulling on behalf of a man who appoints anti-Semites to positions of high power, attends a virulently anti-Semitic church for 20 years, and sees Israel as the cause of the West's conflict with the Muslim world?

The answer is deceptively simple: the Jews who vote for Obama are, by and large, Jews In Name Only (JINOs). They eat bagels and lox; they watch "Schindler's List"; they visit temple on Yom Kippur -- sometimes. But they do not care about Israel. Or if they do, they care about it less than abortion, gay marriage and global warming.

That prioritization is critical in understanding the Jewish vote. The same polls that report high levels of support for President Obama show that 94 percent of American Jews said that if Israel "no longer existed tomorrow," it would be a tragedy (this means, by the way, that 6 percent of Jews should be automatically discounted as self-hating or insane) and that 77 percent of Jews believe that Israel should refuse to negotiate with a Hamas-backed Palestinian Arab government. The only way to reconcile that high level of support for Israel with a high level of support for an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic administration lies in the fact that all voters have priorities, and that Israel is not these voters' highest priority.

Which is why they are known as JINOs.

Being Jewish is not like being black or Asian or Hispanic. It comes with certain attendant ideological responsibilities. There is no logical or inherent connection between skin color and liberalism or conservatism -- melanin has no political playbook. Jewish identity, however, does. There is more to being truly Jewish than being born into a Jewish family, just as there is more to being Christian than being baptized.

Being truly Jewish requires allegiance to basic Judaic principles; the first and foremost of which is identity with the Jewish people and its enlightened national aspirations. In the Tanach (the Jewish canon, including the Old Testament, the Prophets and the Writings), when Ruth converts to Judaism, she states, "Your people will be my people and your God my God." The connection between Jews and the land of Israel is the running theme of the Old Testament. Any Jew who does not take these principles seriously -- more seriously than global warming or affirmative action, for example -- is a JINO.

And voting for Obama is a violation of those principles. Obama's speech last week implicitly blaming Israel's failure to surrender its security for the radical terrorism of the Islamic world threatens Israel ideologically; his call for Israel to return to the pre-1967 borders as the basis for negotiation endangers Israel's survival on a practical level, cutting the State to 9 miles wide and handing over the strategic high ground to enemy forces; his suggestion that a Palestinian state be "contiguous" by definition slices Israel in half; his failure to recognize the incoherence of the so-called "right of return" destroys Israel demographically.

Obama has backed the Muslim Brotherhood revolts throughout the Middle East and toppled Israeli peace partners in the process; he has appointed advisers who openly call for placing American troops on the ground in Israel to stop Israeli military action; he has allowed the United Nations to castigate Israel routinely while ignoring Palestinian terrorism on a daily basis. Obama is a man who used his Passover message to stump for the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Arab Spring. Seriously.

Simply put, Obama is an enemy of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. And any Jew who votes for him betrays his or her brothers and sisters at home and abroad. By definition, a vote for Obama is a vote against the truly Jewish part of Jewish identity. There is a reason that the observant Jewish community votes overwhelmingly Republican -- they vote on Jewish principle.

Why bother exposing JINOs for what they are? First, it helps non-Jews understand the dynamics of the Jewish community -- it is not monolithic, and much of it is not authentically Jewish. Second, it acts as a shaming mechanism for those Jews who throw away Jewish principle in pursuit of back-slapping from their liberal buddies. And they should be ashamed of what they do. They are the moral equivalent of Jewish Neville Chamberlain voters in 1939. They must understand that their votes have consequences.

Jewish identity is about more than ethnicity. Boiling it down to a propensity for "Seinfeld" cheapens the experience, the history and the bond of Judaism itself. Being Jewish means something. And if it means anything, it means that voting for Barack Obama immediately places you in opposition to the Jewish people.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3)Transparency requested re: ObamaCare waivers
By Russ Jones

A Republican congressman is calling for more transparency concerning the waiver process in regards to President Obama's new national healthcare program.

Representative Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas), along with 31 of his congressional colleagues, signed a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius challenging her to release additional information about waivers that have been granted or denied to businesses and labor unions seeking not to have to comply with the rules and regulations of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka "ObamaCare").

Huelskamp says there appears to be secrecy in how waivers are being granted.

"There have been a number of court actions to request the list of those who receive waivers," he explains, "but there are dozens -- perhaps hundreds, maybe thousands -- of other requests in that we're not aware of; and they certainly have no information as to the basis of why waivers are granted, plus obviously the reasons Kathleen Sebelius decided not to grant waivers."

In a June 6 press release, the congressman states: "Evidence continues to flow forth that these waivers are sometimes about who you know, as a multitude of them have been granted to labor unions that have supported the president or to businesses that are in former [House] Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi's district."

The Department of Health and Human Services reports over 700 waivers gave been granted. Among approved applications for waiver of the annual limit requirement are labor unions, Catholic dioceses, Jack in the Box, and Aetna. Huelskamp would like to see a list of those applicants who have been denied.

"I think it smells of hypocrisy to claim on one hand we need ObamaCare [and] on the other hand to provide waivers to potentially political allies," says the Kansas lawmaker.

The list of those approved to receive one-year waivers is available on the HHS website. At press time, that list identified 729 applicants (unions, charities, city governments, corporations) totaling more than 2.1 million enrollees.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4)MF Global Executive Maughan: ‘QE3 is Coming’

Many experts expect the Federal Reserve to continue its accommodative monetary policy even after its second round of quantitative easing (QE2) finishes June 30. Simon Maughan, co-head of European equities at MF Global, agrees.

The $600 billion of Treasury purchases by the Fed doesn’t signal an end, he says.

“The bond market is going in one direction, which is up, telling you quite clearly the direction of economic travel is downward,” Maughan tells CNBC. “QE3 is coming. The bond markets are all smarter than us, and that’s exactly what the bond markets are telling me.”

The 10-year Treasury yield has dropped to an eight-month low of 2.97 percent from 3.57 percent March 3.

Some traders and investors expected the bond market to be falling already, Maughan says.

“They have just been mowed down by the quant funds which are all about leverage, all about momentum and are betting on bond prices going up.”

He was referring to quantitative investment funds, which trade based on mathematical models.

And now get ready for more bond buying from the Fed that should last at least through the summer, Maughan says.

Others are bullish on bonds too. “We are in a ‘look out below’ market,” Guy LeBas, chief fixed-income strategist at Janney Montgomery Scott, tells Bloomberg. “No matter what, we seem to grind lower in yield. There is room for a shot to 2.9 percent” on the 10-year Treasury yield.

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